Lizzie Horn is amazing.  She is one of the few people who can really cut hair (dry, wet, razor cut) and she does wonderful color.  I send so many people to her as I know they will be happy with her styling and she is so personable!  Lizzie really wants your input but she is great with suggestions, too, and I can promise that you will never leave disappointed.  Glad she is at Bob Salon in its convenient location and glad that I was referred to her many years ago.  She's the best!

Suzanne H


TRICIA!!! I have been so lucky to have Tricia cutting, coloring and styling my hair for the last 14 years now. She is a dream! I have lived in California for the last 5 years and always made a trip to see Tricia in Austin to have my hair done. YES. I flew across the country for 5 years because I would not let anyone else touch my hair. With her technical skill and creativity I simply could not go anywhere else. Not to mention the pure entertainment that she provides naturally. She's a doll :) I love going to see her at BOB Salon. It's a chic, comfortable atmosphere, they have great products and unlike so many other salons the entire staff seem to enjoy their job. When employees are happy it makes a big difference in the quality of work they provide :)

Ashleigh Y


First thought that comes to mind about Bob salon: amazing and a luxurious experience!

When I first walked in, the receptionist was very attentive and customer friendly and walked me to the second part of the salon. I had a highlight appointment with Dan to correct a terrible dye job that could qualify for a misdemeanor in some places. 

So I sat down in Dans chair and explained what happened and he was very understanding and unlike most stylists, did not try to force his influence on what I should do to my hair- instead all of his suggestions had my hairs best interest and wouldn't leave me in a nervous wreck once I left.

It was a 2 hour appointment and dan filled every moment with casual conversation, humor, and awesome hair tips that have helped my hair slowly get back to a healthy state. Dan is an amazing stylist and you won't leave disappointed, I definitely recommend him!

Helina C


I absolutely love BOB Salon! I've lived in Austin for 10 years now and I was unhappy with every salon experience...even left multiple salons in tears. That changed 2 years ago when I booked an appointment with Tricia, at Bob, on a whim. Without reading any reviews, I called Bob because I thought the building was adorable. Good reason, right? :) I left a message on their voice mail to book an appointment and was skeptical that my phone call would be returned, but they called back the same day! The staff was helpful and friendly. I explained that I was recently engaged and needed to find someone who I could establish a relationship with in hopes of her or him fixing my hair for the big day. She set me up with Tricia and I immediately felt connected to her! She is so personal and truly cares about her clients and their personal lives. I LOVE  every appointment with her and leave satisfied with my haircuts/styles.
I got married this past October and the wedding day prep was perfect!!! I met with Tricia for a trial-run on hair, we talked about several trendy options but I wanted my hair down and romantic. She completely understood the look I was trying to achieve. I wanted to look like my natural self but better. You know? No caked on makeup, just simple and romantic. Tricia fixed my hair for my bridal photos and Amber did my makeup. The photos turned out amazing!!! 
On the big day, Tricia (along with Amber) met my bridal party and I at the hotel to fix our hair. They were in and out! I loved that Tricia had the opportunity to meet my family and friends that mean so much to me. Everyone loved their hair and it stayed all night long. 
I would completely recommend Bob Salon...and Tricia....to anyone looking for a fabulous salon experience!!!

Jane L

Being new to Austin, I tried Bob Salon on a whim, mostly because I had a 'groupon' discount. I was randomly assigned to Dan Logan, senior stylist. He has earned my allegiance for life. He listened to what I wanted (cut and color, trying to grow out a prevous "oops" head shave), and he dug right in. I was SO impressed with him. He barely had to glance at the color description I had (and it was perfect). As he was clipping away, he was fun and just a delightful conversation partner. I really have never had so much fun getting my hair done.  I had to get more cut off than I had hoped, but he explained why that was best, the style he suggested, and how to deal with it in this stage. I actually ended up with a really cute cut (I never thought it would look good in this phase). He truly "fixed" it and gave me tips for what to do as it continues to grow. I have never written a salon review before because I have never felt strongly. I really am grateful to Dan for the fun, professionalism, and most of all, the hair fix! 

Checking out afterwards was a bit trickier. There was an issue with my groupon, and an apparent miscommunication/misunderstanding regarding the expiration date. Terri (sp?) at the desk was professional, and ultimately we worked out a solution that left both of us happy.  She handled it exactly like I would expect a top-notch business to do. (If it was my fault, I apologized for any misunderstanding, but had expectations nevertheless. She accommodated them gracefully and left a smile on my face.) I promised Terri she had earned a full-price-paying client for life (groupon or not), lol!  It is a bit on the pricier side, but I am also admittedly not very familiar with the salon rates in Austin. Regardless, it was worth every penny.

I highly recommend them. (Just go and check out the super-cute building! I loved the "non-salon" feel and the privacy of having my own little area with Dan. It was so comfortable ... and did I mention, FUN? The guy is a riot and knows his stuff!)  I want to go back and just chat with him, ha ha! 

Thanks, Bob Salon. All is well that ends well, and I am beyond thrilled. Move to Austin, check. Hook up cable, check. Find hair stylist, check! YAY.

Kaja A


Well it's been almost 3 years since my original review for Bob Salon and going to see Tricia Lee is still an absolute highlight. It's a SHAME how bad I am at rescheduling timely so today when I walked in, my hair was raggedy for sure.  

She put some spark back in it with color and a super cute angled cut that gives my hair body and shine.  (I'm starting to sound like a Pantene commercial.)

Honestly the transformation she did to my hair today - made me get up and hug her - there are simply no words when someone with skills makes you feel glamorous and during grad school finals week no less!  

I have recommended Tricia to numerous friends and she quickly becomes their regular stylist.  She's down to earth and quick witted without any of pretense.  She's been doing hair for 14 years and knows her stuff so I trust her after some less pleasant salon experiences elsewhere. 

Bob Salon is located right off 35th St & Jefferson in cute spunky building that's hard to miss with plenty of parking.

Kelly R



Dan at Bob's is fabulous saved my hair...great job with the blonde.  I have search...and had many bad experiences, but Dan put me at ease , and my hair is in great shape.  Hard to do blonde right, but Dan's got it down...if your a blonde and like it to look natural and healthy...please don't pass him up .

Audie B

Sarah Bensley is amazing! Every time I look in the mirror the cut and color make me smile. I've been too nervous to try blonde for fear of it looking unnatural. Also, I never thought I could have my hair this short, (I have thick, sorta curly hair) but I love the way it hangs. I will definitely be going back. Pricey if you're on a budget but totally worth it. Blonde is not a color I plan to gamble with.

Suzy L
I've seen my share of hairstylists since moving to Austin. It's been a long, suffering road filled with disappointment after disappointment. Luckily, I found Bob Salon on Yelp but the stylist I saw only once there ended up leaving suddenly. Not a huge heartbreak for me since we hadn't forged a connection. No love lost but I certainly wasn't looking forward to trying another new stylist.  

Fortunately, Bob reached out via email letting me know my previous stylist had left and that if I wanted to follow, they'd miss me but if I wanted to try another stylist they'd offer a 50% off discount. The offer was too good to let pass so I scheduled my next appointment with Tricia Lee. 

I walked back into Bob with very low expectations and ready to be disappointed again. I'm happy to report, I wasn't disappointed at all. As a matter of fact, I am proud to announce that I have finally found "the one."

Tricia was so easy to talk to. The whole process was easy breezy. I didn't have a nervous stomach at all. Tricia completely put me at ease and when I walked out, I was so happy with the end result. 

Originally I talked to her about Balayage but since she didn't have the proper tools for application, she did her own form and it turned out great. It was the great compromise between highlights and my natural dark blonde color. 

Tricia really won my trust and I truly look forward to returning.
J. K.

I bought a Groupon for BOB Salon and went there on a whim.  I was fortunate enough to have been assigned to James.  I'm very thankful for the amazing professional service he's provided me over the last year as well as the personal touch.  He understands color so well and my blonde has never looked more natural.  And let me tell you...he gives an incredible blowout!!!

- Jodi R.

I just went to see James @ BoB today and he was consistently great! This was not a one hit wonder experience.  He listened to my concerns with the coloring and went that extra mile to provide the great customer service he did  from my last appointment. I left feeling beautiful and know I have found my colorist/stylist. 
I look forward to my next appointment!

- Ginger S.

I Love this salon!!! Michelle was absolutely amazing! Blonde expert! I've tried several color specialist and she is the first who was able to get to the blonde that I wanted! Great energy and really great service!

- Fawn A. - Pflugerville, Texas

Amazing experience all around! I have been going to Tricia Lee for over 10yrs! That should speak for itself! I have golden blonde hair which can be a difficult color to achieve, but she hits it out of the park every time! And over the years I have gotten asked a million times who does my hair! I actually had to ask her to give some business cards to hand out when people asked me who I went to. I've never had one person go to her and not be happy! And did I mention she gives the best head massages ever!! The other stylist there are amazing too! Jean is another good one to go to! Trust me, you will be happy when you walk out of there!

- Allison H - Austin, Texas

I followed DAN LOGAN to Bob Salon.  Love the location and how the owners set up and decorated the 2 adjacent wooden houses used for the salon.  Very Austin.  That said - I would follow Dan Logan to a cardboard box if that is where he set up his cut/style/and color chair.  He is a genius.  My first appointment with him was just by luck, at another salon.  I went in with a cut and partial highlight/lowlight color that was partially grown out.  He looked at my color and knew immediately how to mix his potion for the best color match.  I left there that day with the BEST, most natural-looking color I have ever had.  Dan has been doing this for 21 years, but it's not just his experience.  He has an eye.  He knows how hair behaves and he's honest with you about the limitations of your own hair.  If you ask for something that may not complement you, he will explain that to you and give you other choices.  He helps you understand how your own hair works and what would work best with your lifestyle and personality.  Did I also mention he is very funny and smart?  I used to look at hair cut and color day as a chore, but now that Dan is my hair stylist I don't want to leave the salon.  I can't believe I'm writing this because now he may be too busy to schedule my hair appointment!  But, I sincerely want what is best for him and for him to get the attention and credit he deserves.  You will, too, when you meet him.  Why do you not already know him?  He just recently moved here from California where he had his own salon.  Schedule your appointment now before he is booked up.

-Anna J

Thanks, James! You were so patient with me. Thanks for giving me a great cut.
- anonymous

I was really pleased and will be going back on a regular basis.
- anonymous
Thank you so much for a great visit. Your commitment to client satisfaction is clearly a reflection of the ingrained culture of the salon. Four-stars in my book.
- anonymous
Michelle was awesome! Love my hair and I will be back!
- anonymous
thanks for being so kind and so professional
- anonymous
Michelle was Amazing... Really Really pleased with her service I loved it so much she went beyond on what I was actually expecting... Really glad I bought the Groupon I received so many Great ocomments!!!
- anonymous
Thanks for the services guys! Great salon and good atmosphere! See you guys again later! Thanks Michelle!
- anonymous
Love my haircut, Trisha did an amazing job.
- anonymous
Bob Salon is my favorite in Austin. They do an especially great job on hair color.
- anonymous
Sara is highly professional and gave me a great haircut. I look forward to returning.
- Terra Y.
Let me start off by saying I'm a creature of habit so moving to a different stylist isn't something I normally enjoy. I have gone to the same person for 9 years and the thought of starting over with somebody new is painful to say the least. UNTIL I found Michelle- she is amazing!! Really! I am very picky when it comes to getting color and a cut and she knew exactly what to do to make me feel comfortable. Before the scissor came my way she asked questions and made suggestions to ensure she had a complete understanding of what I wanted. She is very personable, she has a great understanding of what looks good and what doesn't and I appreciate her attention to detail. I should have switched to her a long time ago. Thank you Michelle for making this switch an easy one! Me and my hair THANK YOU! I will see you in 6 weeks. Now I'm tempted to have her do my makeup so I can learn some new techniques. She's awesome!
- Clare A.
What a GREAT experience! I hired Michelle to do my hair and make up for my engagement photos and could not have been more pleased!  We even did a hair cut beforehand as well.  What I appreciated most about Michelle was the fact that she listened to what I wanted and didn't just do some blanket look on me.  She took the time to listen and delivered something that I loved.  Not only did she do a good job but the experience was fun as well!  I highly recommend her services whether you are looking for a simple hair cut or have an event you want to look amazing for....which is why she will be there on my wedding day!
- Grayson B.
Michelle is a fantastic hair stylist! She listens to what you want and is easy to talk to. My hair looked and felt great after getting it cut. I have recommended her to all of my friends. I've seen what she can do with hair and makeup for photo shoots and its amazing! I would love to have her doll me up one time for a special night :)
- carawilson7 
I just recently went to this salon for the first time, to see stylist Tricia Lee. I have seen her off and on (when we both live in Austin at the same time) for 6 years. I tend to let my hair grow out and become style-less. Everytime I see Trish she gives me something new, fresh and very manageable! She can totally transform your look. I also, over the years, have gotten thick wavy hair in the back of my head that is really hard to manage and deal with. Trish cuts my hair where I do not have to deal with this annoying burden. I will be going back soon to get a Brazilian blowout, a service that they are now doing! Aside from a great haircut, the experience was great, and the salon is a in a cute little bungalow and everyone was very friendly! I highly recommend this place and especially Tricia.
- anonymous
I LOVE this salon! It has a cozy, welcoming atmosphere and friendly stylists. Tricia Lee does excellent work and I would highly recommend her. I have very thick curly hair and cuts it perfectly, every time, not an easy task. Color always turns out great as well. She is very talented. She also manages to cut my 3 yr old daughter's hair and even with her wigglin' around, it looks fantastic! I also recommend Jean Wager, another stylist. MAKE AN APPT! You won't regret it! Do it!
- anonymous
Your outstanding taste is reflected in your beautiful salon. It has been a pleasure to depend on your service and products for 10+ years. You Dennis and your staff have that charismatici ability to ensure your clients feel genuinelly welcomed once they arrive in the door and truly elegant when the leave. I wish you nothing less than success in your new journey!
- scentergistic
I went to BOB to get a haircut from Sarah. I loved it. The house - turned upscale salon - was impressive. There were a lot of cute stylists there...not to mention my own, who made this reviewer feel like a king. After a head massage in the back (That's where the shampoo area is), a great haircut, and some new metrosexual nails, I left feeling better than the prince of Central Austin...more like the King.
- anonymous
I am a newly devoted BOB customer. I highly recommend Sarah. She listened to what I wanted, disagreed with the spike haircut, and left me in awe. I'll definately be back.
- kaceej
I have been going to Lizzie since she first started and I love her. She along with the entire staff are so friendly and make me feel at home every time I come in. I have sent everyone I know to her and not one of them has ever been dissapointed. Her high energy and positive attitude make it a pleasure to be there while getting a great color and cut. The new salon is amazing and I love that I can work on line while I process. It makes it easier to leave work during the day knowing that I can still answer my e-mails! Great job on the salon Dennis!
- blee1964
I recommend this salon for lots of reasons! The location is convenient for anyone who lives in Austin. It is easy to get to and parking is no problem. The atmosphere is relaxing yet sophisticated. You don't feel crowded, yet it's not too quiet. I encourage anyone who is interested in finding a salon to check out Bob. I can personally attest to Dennis's talent (and the lack of anxiety I experience knowing my hair will look great when he's finished), but am certain there are other talented folks there. Give it a try!
- calioli
For some reason, finding a color that looks good on me is a challenge, and Lizzie has done an awesome job! She has made recommendations and figured out how to make it work on my hair. I get compliments on my hair every SINGLE week! Lizzie, I just LOVE what you do to my hair!
Thank you Lizzie!!
- denwill
When I first started getting my hair cut professionally at a salon not only did I go to a different hair dresser every time but I changed salons as well. I never once liked my hair! I tried countless hair dressers and none of them managed to cut my hair the way I like it until I went to BOB salon and Lizzie Horn cut my hair. I loved it! I have been a loyal customer ever since. I don't want anyone else to cut my hair! Not only is she an extremely talanted hair dresser but her warmth and kindness make her a real pleasure to be around! I get countless compliments on my hair and it is all thanks to her. I tell everyone I know that they have to try Lizzie because she's the best! In the three years she's been cutting my hair I have always loved every single hair cut! Hopefully I'll never have to find another hair dresser because I can't imagine anyone else living up to the fabulous Lizzie!
- Brook88
Bob is a beautiful salon that soothes the mind and soul. With a highly skilled, attentive and professional staff you can count on an experience that will leave you refreshed and looking your best. It really does matter where you get your hair done! ENJOY!
- sienna2222
Best Place in Austin for a Bob, or any style. Any stylist at Bob has to meet with Dennis' approval, so be sure you'll get a great look whoever you book with. I love the atmosphere, the friendly staff, the great complimentary coffee.
- anonymous
Bob is a new salon, yet the stylists are all experienced. You'll come away with a great cut, beautiful color/highlights and you'll have a good time, too.
- stacysaustin
I would highly recommend Bob. I know a couple of the hairstylist there and they are both extremely talented as well as wonderful people. I would recommend Lizzie and Dennis in a heartbeat. It took me a long time to stop travelling to Dallas to get my hair done, but once I found Lizzie, there was no reason. Give Bob a try.
- kristin9
I have been to many a salon in Austin and BOB is by far the BEST! Dennis has been doing my hair for years and I wouldn't trust anyone else. From the shampoo to the final turn in the chair, everything about BOB is top notch. I highly recommend this sanctuary to everyone!
- meglette
Lizzie is absolutely the best stylist who has ever cut and colored my hair! I have been searching Austin for a salon and a person who is consistent, reliable, and trustworthy. Lizzie is all of that and more. I recommend her to everyone I can and have always gotten rave reviews after they have been to BOB. All the stylists are fabulous and the atmosphere is unmatched - very intimate, chic, and extremely comfortable. You won't find a better salon.
- kristin08
Very professional staff with a great sense of humor. They make you feel right at home and are always prepared with chocolate and soft drinks. They give good advice and know exactly what they are doing. I won't go to anyone else. Dennis,  Lizzie-the best!!
- anonymous
Lizzie is the hippest, most skilled stylist I know. She does great color, great cuts, and always knows what will work best for me. She goes out of her way to make me feel comfortable and happy. She is super and so is the salon. I love me some Lizzie!
- rstolly
Being a woman, I have had my hair butchered more times than I can count. It wasn't until I starting going to Dennis (the owner of the salon) for my hairstyling needs that I truley found someone who knew what he was doing. I had never been told no before when I asked for a certain style. It wasn't because he was being mean, but because he knew that what I was wanting would not look as good on my head with my hair as I thought it would. From that point on I have been able to give him an idea of what I am looking for and what I don't want and he comes up with these amazing looks. I have not tried any of the other stylists/esthiticians, but I know they have to be good if Dennis employed them at his salon
- klloyd5.
The review I give to Bob Salon is raving!!. I felt at home and at ease when I enter the salon and saw chocolates my favorites (herseys )yum!A friendly guy who approached me asked me for a drink. After the drink I didn't wait long but a few minutes and Dennis started working on me. I told him that no one has ever colored my hair right except a guy (Ray at Wildflower). I read these reviews on Citysearch and noticed his good reviews and decided what the heck. After the color was put on,I waited a short while for every salon had me too orange yellow or canary yellow never platiunum. I was shocked to see my hair was not only beautiful in color it was not damaged!! That is right you heard me no Damage! Whew thought after all these few years of yellow hair my hair looked incredible and matched me better than any color which is platinum.
- anonymous
Guys and girls this is the real deal!! He is the guy for me.See for yourself!
- 10blond
Where I work has many young, hip girls and everyone with great blond highlights goes to Lizzie. I decided to give her a try and she is amazing. My color has never looked better and now I know why they would never go to anyone else. If you want amazing highlights, you need to try her. I was also in love with the salon. The atmosphere was incredible and the salon was beautiful. What a great staff and the shampoo.....he was amazing!
- anonymous
Although I was more concerned with my color I had her cut my hair too and what can I say, fantastic! Thanks Lizzie!
- bbgirl
I am very picky and sensitive when it comes to my hair and money is no object when it comes to making me happy in that area. I tried a lot of places and paid a small fortune there to only find myself unhappy with the result, untill I found Dennis. Dennis is fantastic! After a longest time of searching for a stylist who would "get me" I was lucky enough to find one. Not only can I totally trust him with my hair, I can just relax and sit back while he's in charge, doing his magics. I have never been unhappy with what he did and I have now been a client for a couple of years ( it's highly unusual for me! I rarely hang around a stylist for that long). I would recommend him to anybody and everybody and my only advice is : communicate to him. He will do a wonderful job. The prices are reasonable. I have lots of experience with stylists all over the world, and I can tell Dennis is really great!
- artkitten
Dennis is THE GOD of hair! Seriously....he works magic and knows how to communicate with you. He is also VERY nice and down to earth. No temperamental attitude here..
- cmch849786.
Wow - I am normally so nervous about getting my hair done someplace new but when my beautiful neighbor suggested Lizzie Horn at the Bob Salon, I wanted to give her a chance. Lizzie gave me the best color and highlights I've ever had and fixed the awful color that I'd been enduring for several months. Lizzie took time to listen to my wishes and then worked some magic on my mane!
- anonymous
BoB salon is wonderful. Dennis, The owner and operator, is a wonderful creative stylist and business man. He is honest and can make such a difference in someones hair and attitude. What a great asset to Austin Texas.
- anonymous
I would send anyone looking for a great stylist and artist to Dennis at Bob Salon. He knows his stuff. I have the best hair that I have ever had. Enjoy!
- Sunny